Links to Recommended Articles and Meditations

During last night’s class, I was reminded of this quote:

“Forget your perfect offering,
there is a crack in everything…
that’s how the light gets in.”

– Leonard Cohen


I also recommended reading this article from Jack Kornfield, Now is the Time to Stand Up: Practicing the Dharma in Uncertain Times. “Whatever your political perspective, now is the season to stand up for what matters. To stand against hate. To stand for respect. To stand for protection of the vulnerable. To care for the natural world…”

Lectures / Meditations

I also recommend listening to these two talks given by Tara Brach following the 2016 elections:

“My intent was to reflect on how we can respond to the crisis of our times – the outburst of hatred, the immediate danger to many vulnerable populations, the threat to our earth. How do we come home to our deepest wisdom and compassion so our actions seed the transformation and healing our world most needs?”

My prayer is that we feel and nourish our connection with each other. We’re all in it together and we can trust that even in the long, dark nights of winter our hearts are turning toward the light.” – Tara Brach

One thought on “Links to Recommended Articles and Meditations

  1. gwhelanmd

    Thanks, Deborah, all good stuff especially the Leonard Cohen quote although there is one more line that goes at the front end, “Ring the bells that still can ring…”

    See you tomorrow,

    Gerry >


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